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When George and Joyce Lambert moved to Lafayette in 1966, George was working for Clarklift out of New Orleans. He was a technician for Clarklift for all the local business companies and the surrounding area.

After a while, Clarklift decided they were going to only service the Clark make forklifts. George was doing work for customers who owned different makes of forklifts and decided that if his customers would continue to use his service for their forklifts, he would consider going out on his own. George reached out and explained to his customers the situation and then asked them if he would launch his own business would they continue using his service. His answer was YES.

July 5, 1969 with only a few dollars to their name, George and Joyce Lambert started George’s Lift Truck Service. This was the first locally owned forklift company in the Acadiana area. While George focused on building a strong customer base and working long hours, Joyce made sure all of the paperwork was done and completed. She also held down several other jobs while making sure she was available for their three daughters. Their first shop location was in a red barn off Fieldspan. Then in 1974 they relocated to 1634 W. Pinhook Rd. in Lafayette, once their shop had been built. As the company continued to grow mechanics were hired to help with the work load. Then rentals of forklifts, reach forklifts and manlifts became part of the business as well as transportation.

In July of 1979 George’s Lift Truck Service became Incorporated. July 4, 1995 the company relocated to 122 Southpark Rd. in Lafayette. This gave more space for the growing company. On May 1, 2007 the company was sold to Sharon Lambert Ardoin (daughter) and Keith Fury (son-n-law) in which the company name changed to George’s Lift Truck Service, LLC. Sharon started out part time in 1984 and not long after was hired full time. She originally started out helping with invoicing and other paper work. Then as time went by she was shown how to dispatch the mechanics out, order parts, run the rental department and learn lots of other aspects of the business. Not knowing at the time that she might one day have the opportunity to be the owner or part owner of this company. Keith came into the company by being hired on as a mechanic in 1990. He was then offered the job of shop supervisor and service dispatch. He married into the family during this time and when the opportunity came up to take over the company, Sharon decided to go in with Keith as equal partners. The good reputation and good service that the company was known for while George and Joyce ran the company we strive to keep today.

After 47 years (2018), George’s Lift Truck Service LLC is still locally owned and operated. We would like to thank all of our past, present and future customers for their support and for the opportunity to service their equipment needs. And not to forget all of our vendors who’s support and help throughout the years was and is greatly appreciated.

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