World-Lift Forklifts

two World-Lift forklifts

George’s Lift Truck Service has been selling the World-Lift forklifts since the early 1990′s. We have had a great success in selling the World-Lift forklifts. Our customers are very pleased with the performance, low maintenance, reasonable price and nice look of these forklifts. So if you are looking to upgrade or just in need of a new forklift, this is the forklift for you.

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World-Lift Capacities

Cushion Tire3,000 – 8,000 lbs
Pneumatic Tire3,500 – 48,000 lbs
Electric 3 & 4 Wheel3,500 – 24,000 lbs

Standard Equipment

Optional Equipment Available

  • Side Shifters Optional
  • Various Masts Available