Rentals and Transportation Information

If you’re not in the market to make a purchase, but still need the benefits and versatility that a forklift, scissor lift or pallet jack provides, a rental is your cost-effective solution. George’s Lift Truck Service, LLC is pleased to provide customers with a wide range of rental products, to help you maximize your short-term investment.

Our range of forklift rentals in Lafayette, LA is expansive, lending itself to a wide breadth of industries and applications. Available in LP Gas or Diesel operated.

Types of Rental equipment:

Not sure what type of forklift rental in Lafayette, LA will best work on your job? Consult with us! We’re the experts in all things material handling and can advise you on the right type of rental for the job in front of you.

Rental terms

Our rental options are flexible and accommodating, to ensure you’re able to utilize our equipment to the fullest, at a price point that’s beneficial to you. We offer the following terms:

Be sure to contact us today for more information about pricing for any of the above rental terms. Pricing is based on equipment type and is subject to change.

Equipment transport in Lafayette, LA

In addition to rentals, we also have the capability to transport forklifts and other material handling equipment to and from your facilities, or from one location to another as needed. Whether you need a rental dropped off or you need your machine hauled in for service, count on us to help.

For more information about our rental equipment or our transportation options, please contact us today by calling 337-837-5438 Ext. 23.