Do You Need Material Handling Equipment?

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“Material handling equipment” is a complex name for an easy concept. It includes anything aiding in the storage, movement and control of supplies, materials and finished products. If you run a warehouse, chances are you have no shortage of material handling equipment in Lafayette, LA, but you may be seeking ways to make your processes easier. Here are the four main types of material and storage handling equipment:

  • Industrial trucks: This category includes our specialty: forklifts. These items allow you to move large objects or large quantities of items around the manufacturing or warehouse floor. They also support efficient loading and unloading of material. Besides forklifts, you may also find pallet jacks, platform trucks and order pickers especially useful. Even a few extra hand trucks provide instrumental when a worker must move just a few items and a forklift is not necessary. Since industrial trucks require a financial investment with purchase and maintenance and take up space, they are often the most expensive to acquire. Rental may be a good option until you figure out just what types of industrial trucks you need.
  • Conveyor systems: Industrial trucks are not always the most useful way to move materials. They are often unwieldy and may not fit into the tightest areas of your premises. Also, many require certification to operate. When you are frequently moving materials, a conveyor system may be your best option. This can also include other engineered systems like automated storage and retrieval systems, robotic delivery and automated guided vehicles. These systems automate the most frequent materials movement so workers only have to handle specialized tasks. They also ensure that materials arrive where they are most needed.
  • Bulk material handling: You have different needs if your operation handles large numbers of materials in loose or bulk form. Drums and hoppers collect these items and funnel them to the right place, making that equipment essential. However, other equipment also proves useful. Conveyor systems work well in this environment, along with stackers, reclaimers and bucket elevators. Food processing manufacturers also install grain elevators and silos, which can also work well with other materials like wood chips and coal.
  • Storage: Once you find a way to move materials, you need to find a way to store it. Storage is an important consideration, as it supports a safe and productive warehouse and increases efficiency. Otherwise, you risk delays and even losing essential material. This includes the normal items associated with storage, like shelves, bins and drawers. Heavier materials benefit from racks and stacking frames. If you require a bit more square footage, move up rather than start a panicked search for a new warehouse. Mezzanines are elevated floor systems that provide a second story and expand your storage space. Best of all, they can be moved easily as your operations evolve.

George’s Lift Truck Service, LLC is here to help you with storage and material handling equipment in Lafayette, LA. Visit us today to see what will make your warehouse and material handling operations easier. We also offer rental equipment.

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