Some Types of Industrial Equipment and Forklift Repair in Lafayette, LA That You May Require

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George’s Lift Truck Service, LLC offers forklift repair in Lafayette, LA, as well as service to other pieces of equipment including scissor lifts, man lifts and bobcats. If you have materials handling equipment that needs attention, chances are, we’ve repaired it before. Call us when you discover this need. These are the repair services we offer:

  • Planned maintenance schedule:
    We highly recommend a planned maintenance schedule for forklifts and other equipment. These appointments normally occur every 100 hours or three months, whichever happens first. Depending on use, some types of equipment receive planned maintenance every month, every quarter or even just twice a year. Most customers set this schedule by use hours. We can help you design a schedule and even call to remind you when the next appointment is coming up.
  • On-site appointments available:
    Convenience is frequently key to keeping your equipment running well for the long term. That is why we are willing to visit your place of business to carry out maintenance. Easier jobs only require a technician with tools, so there is no reason why you should struggle to visit our facility. Advanced repair jobs must happen at our shop, but we will let you know if that is the case. We can even transport equipment to the repair appointment.
  • Cleaning:
    Most lift equipment depends on hydraulics, which are sensitive to debris and dirt. Almost every maintenance appointment begins with a thorough cleaning that includes wiping down the cylinders. Radiators also collect dust, and if that builds up, you are at risk of overheating on a busy day. They are cleaned with high-pressure air. Any filters are replaced, since airflow is vital for properly functioning engine components and hydraulic lifts.
  • Lubrication:
    Hydraulic cylinders receive lubrication after cleaning. Joints in the lift are also oiled, since the high use can lead to metal fatigue and risk industrial failure. None of these parts work well without oil, so you do not want to neglect this task.
  • Tires:
    A flat tire on a forklift can be just as disruptive as one on your delivery truck. You will need to replace them periodically, too, although sometimes they can be patched and repaired. Pay attention to tires so you notice when they start losing air quickly. Some pressure loss is normal on cold days, but if you are constantly topping off tires when temperatures are moderate, it is likely they have been punctured.
  • Test the battery:
    The last thing you need on the day of a giant delivery is for the forklift to not start. Batteries should be tested at each maintenance appointment and replaced when they do not hold a charge. While the engine will run on fuel, the lifting technology runs on the battery. You do not need that to quit working in the middle of a job!

For material handling equipment and forklift repair in Lafayette, LA, call George’s Lift Truck
Service, LLC and set up a maintenance schedule. We look forward to helping your shop, warehouse or manufacturing site remain productive.

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