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When you rent or purchase a forklift, scissor lift or pallet jack, one likely concern is how to transport it to your home, farm or other place of business. When you hire George’s Lift Truck Service, LLC, we can deliver for you and assist with moving equipment to other sites. We offer this service with all equipment and forklift sales in Lafayette, LA (and rentals, too) so your equipment arrives where you need it. Here are five reasons why you should have us move your equipment for you:

  • Experience:
    We have been in the business of selling, repairing and transporting forklifts and other industrial equipment since 1969. Our delivery trucks are designed for this task, and we know how to keep forklifts secure. We do not haul anything with metal tracks, and most of our inventory has tires rather than tracks. If you purchase an item with metal tracks, we have referrals available if you need assistance hauling them.
  • Safety: When you haul these vehicles without experience and specialized equipment, you put your crew at risk. Forklifts that are not secured are hazardous. You will either injure a worker or risk a road disaster. Since we have been doing this for a while, we keep equipment secure, but also load and unload in a way that keeps everyone safe.
  • Efficiency:
    If you’ve never hauled a lift or pallet jack before, you will likely be surprised
    by the weight and how difficult it is to move them. This requires a considerable amount of time that could be spent on other business matters. While you maintain operations, we prepare and complete the delivery. That way, all you need to do is wait for our arrival. We will let you know when we arrive and keep you informed if anything like traffic or equipment difficulty delays us.
  • The right-sized trucks:
    The last development you need is to arrive at our shop to pick up a piece of equipment and find it does not fit in your company truck. That can result in considerable delay, and you will not be able to start using your new equipment as soon as you expected. Sometimes, if your business does not have the right size of truck, you end up renting a truck just to get a forklift to your location or a work site. That increases your costs. Rather than risk this challenge and expense, arrange for us to complete the delivery.
  • Less chance of damage:
    Since we have the equipment and experience to keep your new lifts secured in transport, there is a lower likelihood that they will arrive at your site damaged. This possibility heightens when you lack this experience or use makeshift approaches to secure these large and heavy objects. Damaging your new equipment results in delays that could cost you a customer.

For pallet jack, scissor lift and forklift sales in Lafayette, LA, call or visit George’s Lift Truck
Service, LLC today. Ask us about delivery and transportation when you purchase.

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