Forklift Rental in Lafayette, LA Saves Time—and Your Back

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You do not have to own a forklift to appreciate the benefits. If you are completing a one-time job and could use the extra strength and maneuverability offered by these vehicles, forklift rental in Lafayette, LA is available. You will discover the advantages immediately and may even consider purchasing your own. Here are six advantages of renting a forklift for material handling:

  • Higher reach: If you can stack materials high, you can store more of them. This can be dangerous or impossible if you order workers to reach and use a ladder. A forklift offers a higher reach and stacks items better than if you leave that work to human labor. There is a reason why warehouses cannot operate without forklifts, and the reach is a big part of that.
  • Increased lifting capacity: The human body has its limits, even if you go to the gym every day and routinely lift 150 pounds or more. It is not the weight exclusively but also the repetitive routine of lifting, stacking, storing and then starting the process over again with each package. Even your strongest workers become tired, and that leaves them vulnerable to mistakes and injury. A forklift can pick up more and do it safer. Your workers merely need to operate the machine.
  • Maneuverability: Many business owners avoid using forklifts because they do not believe they can maneuver in their warehouse or manufacturing outfit. Fortunately, forklifts are offered in many sizes so you can find a model to meet your space needs. Also, they maneuver well and can turn tight on a dime. A forklift can go anywhere a human worker needs to be to load materials or cargo. Check one out and you may never want to do business without one again.
  • Improved worker safety: Most workers’ compensation injuries occur from lifting. Repetitive lifting over the head opens the possibility to many disabling conditions because all it takes is one miscalculation or fatigue to cause a catastrophe. You can delegate these tasks to a forklift and its operator and reduce these possibilities. This way, your employees can supervise work and find the best way to organize material while keeping out of risky situations.
  • Faster work: You will load and unload materials quicker with a forklift. Even if you have several workers carrying materials, one forklift will accomplish the task more quickly. This is due to their carrying capacity and maneuverability. Most machines can carry heavy loads more efficiently than any group of people.
  • Options: There are many choices for forklifts in addition to size. They are available in electric, propane, diesel and gasoline motors. There are many options for workers to receive training for operating forklifts. You have choices for reach and load capacity so you can find the best forklift for your business and budget. Rental works great if you only need a forklift occasionally, but if you decide to buy, you will be presented with no shortage of options.

If you are not ready to purchase but are currently interested in forklift rental in Lafayette, LA, call or visit George’s Lift Truck Service, LLC today.

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