Four Reasons You Shouldn’t Fix Your Forklift Yourself

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In a world of DIY, YouTube videos and self-made experts, people feel that they can do just about anything themselves. From taxes to tooth extractions, you can find a DIY guide to just about everything. Although picking up a few self-taught skills and mastering a DIY project here and there is a great thing, there are just some things you just shouldn’t do yourself. Forklift repair in Lafayette, LA is one of those things that you should leave to the experts, and here’s why:

  • You might get hurt: As with any piece of large equipment, there are certain safety risks involved when working with a forklift. If you are not trained properly on how to navigate these safety concerns, you may wind up harming yourself or others, which can be a major liability for your business. It’s best to keep everyone safe and allow the experts with the safety know-how to handle the repair.
  • You could make the problem worse: Attempting to do a DIY repair on your forklift runs the risk of causing further damage. We’ve seen cases firsthand where people thought they could fix a simple problem on their own, but instead made that simple problem much worse and much more expensive. If you are not familiar with all of the ins and outs of your forklift, taking things apart and trying to make repairs yourself could actually cause more damage, and you’ll end up needing to have it serviced by a professional anyway.
  • You risk losing your insurance: Anytime you do a repair yourself, you run the risk of having any future insurance claims denied. Some insurance providers require that repairs be made by a professional and won’t cover a mishap or a repair if certain maintenance and safety protocols are not met. By trying to do a repair yourself, you run the risk of being denied when you try to make an insurance claim on your equipment later on.
  • You will lose time and money: If you operate a business, you already know that time is money. Even if you could successfully make a repair yourself, it will take a lot of time to accomplish the task, and that’s time that you could be using more profitably elsewhere. By letting a professional handle the repair, you can get your forklift back in use much more quickly and use your time doing what you do best—running your business.

At George’s Lift Truck Service, LLC, we specialize in forklift repair and maintenance. We are your local experts in forklift repair in Lafayette, LA and have the skills and tools to handle any forklift repair for any brand. Plus, we do the work quickly and at a great price. Don’t risk your safety or making a problem worse by trying to fix your forklift yourself. Let the experts handle the repair. You’ll be saving yourself a lot of time, money and stress. To learn more about our servicing and forklift repair in Lafayette, LA, call us today!

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