Transport Your Material Handling Equipment with Help from a Forklift Service in Lafayette, LA

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Material handling equipment like forklifts are designed to transport pallets, boxes and other materials from one place to another safely and efficiently, but what do you do when you need to move your forklift itself from point A to point B? Effectively transporting your material handling equipment can be tricky, which is why it is important that the process is done properly in a way that keeps your equipment in good condition, whether you’re moving it to a new worksite or you need to have it serviced. Here are some tips to help you accomplish this, with help from a forklift service in Lafayette, LA:

  • Minimize obstacles: The areas where the equipment will be loaded and unloaded should be free of obstacles and potential hazards that might complicate transport and even make it unsafe. It is essential that any forklifts or pieces of equipment that are not being moved are clear of the loading zone to avoid possible confusion. If there is too much equipment crowding the loading zone, there can be mix-ups that lead to the wrong equipment being transported.
  • Load and secure the equipment: Proper loading protocol is crucial, not only to the security of the load that is being transported, but also to the safety of other drivers that are on the road with the transport vehicle. Forklifts should be securely loaded onto the transport vehicle and then tied down with adequate restraints to keep them stable during transfer.
  • Verify safety: The stability of the equipment should be tested before the transportation process begins to verify that all of the tie-downs and restraints have been adjusted properly. This can be done by testing the security using the emergency brake. If there are concerns about the stability of the equipment, restraints can be modified accordingly. If multiple pieces of equipment are being transported at once, it is likely that wooden blocks will be placed between the forklifts to keep them separate during the transportation process.
  • Work with the right transporter: Transportation of your forklifts and material handling equipment can be a tricky process, so it’s important that you find a professional provider of forklift service in Lafayette, LA to help keep your equipment safe and get it to its destination intact. Experience is key in a safe and effective transport, so always look for a company that has a reputation for providing exceptional service.

When you need to have your forklift or other material handling equipment transported, take the burden off of your shoulders and let our team at George’s Lift Truck Service, LLC take care of the move for you. We have the knowledge and experience necessary to successfully transport your material handling equipment efficiently and securely. We can get your forklift to the right worksite in no time, and we can also assist you with repairs and professional forklift service in Lafayette, LA to keep your equipment operating properly. To find out more about all of our fantastic services or to set up transportation for your equipment, give us a call today.

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