What Causes a Pallet Jack to Stop Lifting?

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Pallet jacks are an essential part of any successful warehouse operation. If your pallet jack is not operating the way that it should be, it may be time to call for pallet jack repair in Lafayette, LA.

You can get your business back up and running in record time if you rely on professional help with your pallet jack repairs. However, properly diagnosing the cause of your jack’s malfunction is essential to successfully repairing it. Here are some of the most common questions prompted by a non-working pallet jack.

Why can’t my forks lift to their maximum height?

This issue is most likely being caused by a lack of hydraulic oil. Try adding an appropriately filtered oil, and see if this fixes the problem. If you are still experiencing problems with your jack after adding additional hydraulic oil, it is probably time to call for assistance with pallet jack repair in Lafayette, LA.

Why won’t the forks return to their lowest position?

There are two possible causes to this problem. It could be that there is actually too much hydraulic oil in your device. Try letting a little hydraulic oil out, and seeing if the forks are able to return to their previous position.

If that doesn’t work, there could be deformed or blocked moving parts inside the jack’s motion track. These components will have to be replaced with the assistance of a qualified pallet jack repair specialist.

What is preventing the forks from dropping after being lifted?

An abnormal control valve may be behind this issue. Readjusting the loading device could be a potential fix to this problem, if it is indeed the control valve that is at fault. This problem could also result from deformed or broken parts, which will need to be replaced if they are determined to be at fault.

Why is my hydraulic oil leaking?

Leaks can be costly, time-consuming and annoying. Leaks are most typically caused by damaged or missing oil seals. If replacing the oil seal on your device does not mitigate the leakage, it could be that components in or near the pump core are damaged or worn. All of these parts should only be replaced with the help of a qualified repair specialist.

What is preventing my forks from being lifted?

This is often caused by installing a working oil that has too high of a viscosity. Check your jack’s owner’s manual, and make sure that the proper viscosity oil was installed. If it was not, there may be impurities in the oil that are preventing the hydraulic mechanisms from functioning properly. This could also be the result of an abnormal valve. If none of these instances are determined to be at fault, it’s probably time to call for professional pallet jack repair in Lafayette, LA.

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