Five Advantages of Choosing Forklift Rental in Lafayette, LA Rather Than Buying

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There’s no denying that forklifts are invaluable machines to have in your factory. As long as you know how to operate one, you can get a number of projects done in far less time with the help of a forklift. However, they’re expensive machines, and owning your own can be a hassle. That’s why many companies choose to rent a forklift rather than buy one outright. Continue reading to learn more about the advantages of forklift rental in Lafayette, LA:

  • Save money: The number one reason people opt for forklift rental in Lafayette, LA over buying one is to save cash. Even if you’re buying a used forklift, you’re still going to pay thousands more to buy it rather than rent it. Give us a call today to speak with one of our friendly staff members about how much money forklift rental can save you.
  • Save space: On top of saving money by renting a forklift, you won’t need to worry about where you’re going to store the thing for extended periods of time. After all, they’re not necessarily the smallest pieces of equipment in your shop. Simply use the forklift for as long as you need it, and bring it back to us when your project is complete.
  • No maintenance or repairs: Forklifts are like any piece of heavy machinery—they break down over time and require repairs. Sometimes those repairs can be pretty expensive, too. If you own your forklift, you’re the one who has to foot the bill to fix it up. On the other hand, if you rent one of our machines, we’ll be the ones paying to have it fixed when it breaks. You can trust that all of our forklifts are cared for and maintained by professionals, so they’re guaranteed to be in working condition when you need to rent one.
  • Avoid safety and legal issues: Going off the previous point, forklifts don’t just need to have regular maintenance to prevent mechanical problems. They need to be maintained to avoid getting in hot water with the law! Forklifts have to pass stringent safety regulations, or else owners are subject to hefty fines. Let us handle the maintenance of the forklifts you use, so you can rest easy knowing that the machine will be safe and you won’t be in financial or legal jeopardy.
  • Choice of models: All forklifts aren’t created equal. Some can tote heavier objects than others, and different models have better features that can make for an easier-to-use machine. Unfortunately, the heavy-duty models with advanced features cost quite a bit more, and you may not always need such a large and advanced machine. Luckily, you can rent one of the better models for a period of time to get your job done.

If you need a forklift for a short-term project, don’t buy one—rent one! Give George’s Lift Truck Service, LLC a call today to learn more about forklift rental in Lafayette, LA and how much time, money and energy rental can save you. And if you decide you’re ready to purchase a new or used forklift, we can help you with that, too!

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