How to Prepare for Forklift Rental in Lafayette, LA

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If you run a business and one of your forklifts suddenly breaks down, or you see a huge increase in demand that forces you to consider adding a forklift to your equipment fleet, a great short-term option you might want to consider is forklift rental in Lafayette, LA. Renting a forklift gives you the equipment you need without the high cost of the investment up front, especially if you aren’t sure if you’ll need one long-term.

There are a number of things you should know or have prepared before you even pick up the phone to call for forklift rental, though. Having things like your load weights and lift heights ready before you call will make the conversation with your forklift dealer go much smoother and faster, and will allow you to receive the best possible equipment for your material handling needs.

Before you call for forklift rental in Lafayette, LA, be prepared with these few things:

  • Weight to lift: The first and one of the most important things you’ll need to know is the maximum weight your forklift will need to lift. Determining the maximum weight will help you make sure you’re getting a forklift that can handle the job with ease.
  • Lift height: Next, determine how high you’ll need to lift things with your forklift. If you’re dealing with a warehouse, identify the height of your tallest shelf and use that.
  • Environment: You’ll also need to identify what kind of environment you’ll be using the forklift in, because that will determine the type of forklift you’ll need. Prepare your answers for whether the forklift is for indoor or outdoor use (or both), what type of surface you’ll be driving it on and if there are any height and width restrictions in your aisles or while entering or existing the building.
  • What type of cargo: If the materials you’ll be lifting with a forklift are uniquely shaped, specially wrapped or placed on a certain type of pallet, make note of those things and be prepared to speak with your forklift supplier about them. Your cargo will determine whether you need a certain length of forks or a special type of forklift.
  • Length of rental: Be sure to know approximately how long you’ll need to rent the forklift for. Do you only need it for a few days? Three weeks? A few months? The cost of your rental will vary depending on how long you are renting; typically, longer rental periods come with lower per-day costs.

In addition to preparing this information for your supplier, it’s important to note that there are a few things you should expect when you do finally speak with them. First, expect to read the fine print of your rental contract to understand if you’re responsible for any costs for things like fuel. You’ll also want to check on your insurance; the supplier will typically insure the equipment, but you need to check whether your employees are covered and able to operate the equipment.

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