Choosing Between a Used Forklift and a New Forklift for Sale in Lafayette, LA

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As a business owner, you want to be certain that any equipment you purchase is providing you with the best return on your investment. When you begin shopping around for a forklift for sale in Lafayette, LA, you will likely see both new and used options available. You might be swayed by the lower prices often set for used forklifts, but it’s important to proceed with caution if you are considering used equipment. Even if you get a great deal on a piece of equipment, you might end up paying more in the end due to the costs of productivity losses, constant repairs and premature replacement:

  • Reliability: When you are purchasing any type of equipment, you should carefully consider its reliability. Even though you can purchase very reliable used equipment, you have to make sure to employ some extra scrutiny. Make sure to purchase through a reputable forklift dealer. If a deal feels off to you or you don’t quite trust the seller, it’s best to trust your instinct and avoid the deal altogether.
  • Costs: There are two basic things that you have to evaluate when it comes to the cost of your forklift—the upfront purchase price and the amount of money you will have to invest over time. A used forklift will usually cost you less in the immediate sense, but it could cost you more over time. As forklifts get older, they are more likely to require more attention when it comes to maintenance and repairs. You should keep this in mind. If you only need a forklift occasionally for moderately difficult tasks, you can benefit from the savings offered by used options. If, however, you plan on getting consistent and frequent use out of your equipment, it might be best to find a new forklift for sale in Lafayette, LA.
  • Maintenance: One of the benefits of purchasing a new forklift is that you will be able to start from scratch when it comes to routine service and maintenance. A used forklift won’t always have been cared for the way it should. To make sure that you are getting a forklift that has been properly maintained, find a forklift dealer who is able to verify the condition of the forklifts that they sell.
  • Features: Newer forklifts often come equipped with features that make them more effective and easier to operate. Consider whether there are any features that you particularly want or need, and speak to your forklift dealer so that they can help match you with the right piece of equipment.

If you are shopping around for a new or used forklift for sale in Lafayette, LA for your workplace, you can find an inventory of quality equipment at George’s Lift Truck Service, LLC. We have been in business for decades and we continue to deliver quality products that you can rely on for years. Regardless of which specific features you are looking for, our dedicated team can help match you with the perfect piece of equipment for the job.

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