Common Forklift Parts in Lafayette, LA That Occasionally Need to Be Replaced

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Having problems with your forklift? Maybe it’s a weird grinding feeling or sound, or a strange smell while operating the machine. If you notice these types of problems, chances are you need to replace a part in your forklift.

So what exactly are the most common forklift parts in Lafayette, LA that need to be replaced every now and then? Here are a few categories and some information about the warning signs that indicate they need to be replaced.

Brakes and tires

The brakes and tires are two of the spots on your forklift that see the most stress. Over time, there will be a lot of wear and tear that the brakes and tires experience, especially if the forklift gets a lot of use. The pressure of lifting up heavy objects can be quite distressing to tires, brake shoes and bearings around the wheels.

If you have a sudden problem that occurs with your brakes or tires, it could result in a serious injury or damage to your property. The good news is that it’s generally easy to determine when you have problems appearing in your tires and brakes.

Squeaking tires are one sign of bad wheels or tires that are starting to separate from the rim. If you feel grinding during the braking process, this is also the sign of a worn brake shoe. In addition, you should regularly check for visual signs of wear, as balding or cracked tires are signs that they need to be replaced before the machine can continue to be used.

Air and oil filters

Just like in a car or an HVAC system, old, worn-out and dirty filters can decrease the performance of the engine. This results in worse fuel efficiency and can cause the engine to work harder, which makes it more likely you’ll experience a premature engine failure.

One of the first signs that you need to check and change your air or oil filter is an unusual smell. If you start smelling fuel from the engine, especially right after starting or stopping, this is probably related to the filter. You should also check your filter if you noticed decreased fuel performance or any exhaust issues, especially the issuance of thick, dark exhaust coming from the engine.

Mast parts

The forklift mast features several different components, some of which might require more care and maintenance than others. All of these parts, however, need to be able to complement each other to keep the forklift operating at optimal performance levels. If parts begin to wear down or become uneven, there’s a chance you could experience accidents like sudden drops, or significant damage to the machine.

Common warning signs that you need to replace these mast parts include uneven forks, slow lift operation, the lift not getting as high as it usually would, or metal-on-metal contact and grinding.

For more information about replacing a common forklift part in Lafayette, LA, contact the team at George’s Lift Truck Service, LLC today for the help you need.

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