Do You Need Side Shifters in Lafayette, LA for Your Forklift?

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So, you’ve made the investment in a forklift, or you’re about to make such an investment. Your next decision is whether or not you also need side shifters in Lafayette, LA. Are these parts necessary? Are they worth the cost? What kind of return on investment can you expect? Use the following information to determine if side shifters are a worthwhile investment for your forklift needs.

Greater Efficiency

Consider how many times a day a forklift driver backs up, repositions, then places the carried load into a new spot. How often is this task done to reposition something a mere four inches or less? This tiny job, while essential, eats up a lot of time.

Side shifters in Lafayette, LA are the ideal solution to this costly inefficiency. These attachments fit onto the masts of most forklifts. They allow these minor adjustments to be made without moving the entire vehicle. As a result, jobs that once took several minutes now take a few seconds to complete.


Older forklifts and low-cost forklifts often are not equipped with side shifters. These versatile attachments can typically be added to any forklift. They transform most machines into more efficient, useful vehicles.


With the capability of moving loads in tight spaces, forklift operators also enjoy greater precision when using side shifters. The slight adjustments often necessary for safe stacking and loading are feasible with this useful attachment.


How often are loading and unloading times crucial to your day? Delivery schedules and proper freight organization depend on a forklift driver’s ability to complete their tasks quickly. Side shifters allow for faster loading and unloading due to reduced truck movement.

Fuel Economy

Because the forklift moves less with side shifters installed, it requires less fuel. The forklift owner saves on fuel costs over time that might surpass the initial cost of the side shifter.


With side shifters installed, forklift operators back up and pull forward less frequently. As a result, there are fewer chances for collision or other accidents. This creates a safer workplace for everyone involved. A safer workplace also generates better employee morale, and it reduces costs related to injuries, worker’s compensation and damaged property.


If you decide to invest in side shifters in Lafayette, LA, it’s important to recognize the alterations this causes to the vehicle. With a side shift attachment in place, the vehicle’s lift capacity may be different. Additionally, it may affect the vehicle’s load center. As a result, the forklift might not be able to bear loads as heavy as those without side shifters. However, the added benefits of side shifters typically outweigh this potential downside.

Start Shifting

Could your operations benefit from greater efficiency and safety? If you’re considering investing in side shifters in Lafayette, LA, contact the forklift experts at George’s Lift Truck Service, LLC. We can answer any questions you have about these attachments and help you determine if this accessory is right for your forklift needs. Reach out to us today for more information or to place your order.

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