How to Choose Between Four-Wheel and Three-Wheel Forklifts in Lafayette, LA

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Are you familiar with the different types of forklifts in Lafayette, LA? If you’re considering investing in one of these useful vehicles, it’s important to know the key differences between four-wheel and three-wheel forklifts. Both types of vehicles have distinct advantages. Use the following comparisons to determine which option is best for your forklift needs.

Three-Wheel Forklifts

  • Investment: First and foremost, you must decide which type of machine you can afford. Either will be a significant investment, but three-wheel forklifts in Lafayette, LA are slightly more affordable. Due to their smaller size, they generally have a lower cost than four-wheel forklifts.
  • Radius: How tight are the spaces in which you need to maneuver your forklift? Three-wheel forklifts offer a smaller turning radius. If you will be maneuvering in small aisles and limited warehouse space, this can be crucial. A three-wheel forklift can help you reach these tight spaces.
  • Grade: Will you be traveling on steep grades in your forklift? Three-wheel vehicles offer an unstable third wheel that creates a danger of tipping on steep grades.
  • Load: How heavy are your typical loads? Three-wheel forklifts are designed for lighter loads. Always verify the load capacity of a forklift before deciding to purchase it or use it in the field. Keep in mind that some four-wheel forklifts have a capacity similar to that of three-wheel forklifts.
  • Industry: For what industry will you be using the forklift in Lafayette, LA? Three-wheel forklifts are best for flat surfaces and indoor locations. They are also good for smaller aisles. These machines are popular for plumbing, home improvement, gardening and building supply industries.

Four-Wheel Forklifts

  • Investment: Four-wheel forklifts in Lafayette, LA are larger and offer greater capacity, and therefore they are typically more expensive than three-wheel options.
  • Radius: With a fourth wheel, these machines have a larger turning radius than three-wheel forklifts. Keep this in mind as you consider where you will be using the vehicle.
  • Grade: Do you need a vehicle that can handle steep grades? The four-wheel forklift is ideal. The design helps keep the truck balanced to prevent tipping.
  • Load: If you need to transport heavier loads, the four-wheel option is best. These vehicles can typically carry larger capacities than three-wheel forklifts in Lafayette, LA.
  • Industry: Will you need a machine that can handle rough terrain and large loads? Four-wheel forklifts are good for outdoor and tougher terrain, and they are designed for proper handling of large loads, ramps and uneven ground. Four-wheel forklifts are popular in manufacturing, steel, transportation, chemical and fruit and vegetable industries.

Which Forklift is Best for Your Needs?

Are you still unsure which option would be best for your forklift needs? If your needs are diverse, you may want to invest in both types of forklifts in Lafayette, LA for different locations. It’s good to consult with a professional forklift dealer to determine your best solution. The forklift experts at George’s Lift Truck Service, LLC are ready to assist you. Reach out to our experienced team today with any questions. We look forward to partnering with you to meet all your forklift needs.

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