Quick Tips for Forklift Safety in Lafayette, LA

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Regardless of whether your business is large or small, having a forklift to move things around quickly and efficiently can be a significant help and keep things running smoothly. However, despite how useful they can be, forklifts can also present some real safety concerns. Just like any other piece of machinery or equipment, a forklift in Lafayette, LA can be dangerous if it isn’t used properly. With this in mind, it’s essential that you take the time to train your employees on safe forklift operation to reduce the risk of damaged product or personal injuries.

Effective safety training

Even if you only use a forklift rental in Lafayette, LA on occasional, it’s still important to keep your workers trained so that they’re ready to use the equipment safely. By following some basic safety training tips and utilizing free safety training courses and resources, you can get your workers ready to use forklifts safely, efficiently and effectively in your workplace:

  • Comply with laws and requirements: Compliance is essential in commercial operations of every size. When it comes to forklift operation, you’ll look to the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) for most of the relevant information about operation and safety. You should never let anyone who’s unlicensed operate a forklift, even if it’s just once in a while. It’s also important to continue training your forklift drivers on updated safety protocol.
  • Train on forklift inspections: Forklifts should be inspected on a regular basis to check brakes and tires and look for any potential issues with the machinery that could affect operation. As a business owner, it’s important that you stress the importance of equipment inspections and keep up on regular inspections and necessary repairs.
  • Be mindful about clothing: It’s important that any workers who operate forklifts wear the necessary safety equipment, including hard hats and safety vests. You should also advise your employees to avoid wearing any loose-fitting clothing that might get caught in the equipment.
  • Consider your surroundings: Even in the most organized workplaces, vigilance is crucial when operating a forklift. Drivers should scan their surroundings and make sure that other workers are aware that they’re using the forklift. It’s important to have designated paths set out for forklift operation to prevent collisions or injury.
  • Be cautious while moving loads: Though it might save time, overloading a forklift above the recommended weight is never a good idea. Make sure that workers who will be operating and loading forklifts understand what the expectations are for load limits and maximum driving speeds.

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