Common Causes for Forklift Failure and Forklift Repair in Lafayette, LA

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Everything that has mechanical parts runs the risk of failure. Machines need regular maintenance and occasional repairs. Forklifts are no exception. But what are the main causes for forklift failure and forklift repair in Lafayette, LA? More importantly, how can you prevent these issues to keep your forklift running smoothly?

Following are the most frequent causes for forklift repair in Lafayette, LA. Use this information to maintain optimal operation of your forklift and extend its lifespan.

  • Start failure: If the forklift won’t start, this may be due to one or more issues. Did an operator leave the lights on and drain the battery? Is the key turned properly in the ignition? Check for these simple causes first before assuming you need extensive forklift repair in Lafayette, LA.
  • Overheating: When the forklift doesn’t have proper airflow, it can overheat. This is often due to debris buildup in the forklift. Dust or plastic wrapping from warehouses or project sites gets sucked into the vehicle, and fans can no longer spin properly. Overheating can also be caused by a lack of coolant. This insufficient coolant level causes the converter to freeze up, and the vehicle overheats.
  • Leaks: If a hydraulic leak occurs, the machine must undergo forklift repairs in Lafayette, LA before it can function again. Hydraulic leaks are typically caused by a blown hose, an impact or over-lifting the vehicle’s capacity.
  • Oil contamination: When dust gets mixed into the forklift oil, it contaminates the liquid. The oil can no longer do its job of protecting the engine, and the result is forklift failure.

Prevention Measures

To avoid the need for forklift repair in Lafayette, LA, operators should take certain precautions and complete regular maintenance on the vehicle. Looking through the list above, do you find any mistakes you have made? Are you guilty of leaving the lights on? Do you ever forget to check the coolant level of the forklift?

To avoid these damaging conditions, use the following forklift checklist.

  • Prep for parking: Before leaving the vehicle, check to ensure everything is turned off, the keys are secured and the forklift is ready to store. Do this even if you plan to use it again in five minutes. Plans can change.
  • Protect from dust: To prevent dust from clogging the engine and causing forklift failure, equip the machine with protection. Use a cyclone filter, install a belly plate and regularly clean the machine.
  • Prevent problems: Regular maintenance of the vehicle will help prevent future forklift repairs in Lafayette, LA. Just like a car, forklifts can benefit from regular tune-ups, fluid checks and inspections. Perform this preventative maintenance to keep your machine running smoothly.

Call for Backup

If you’re experiencing forklift failure and need forklift repair in Lafayette, LA, contact our team. The experts at George’s Lift Truck Service, LLC offer in-depth knowledge and experience in forklift operation. We specialize in repairs of most types of forklifts and other similar equipment. We have been the area’s go-to source for forklifts since 1969.

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