Information You Need Before Taking Out Forklift Rentals in Lafayette, LA

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One of the most effective ways of ensuring you’re able to manage your warehouse distribution or operation center is by renting forklifts. This can help you maximize your productivity while also ensuring you’re only paying for the amount of forklift usage you need, rather than paying full price for expensive equipment that just sits around unused most of the time.

Are you interested in forklift rentals in Lafayette, LA? Here is some information you should know about just what makes renting versus buying so beneficial:

  • Financial benefits: Forklift rental helps you to better control your capital expenditures. If you have a sudden spike in operational needs, you’ll be able to manage those spikes without having to spring for the full cost of purchasing the equipment outright, even if you manage to find it used. In addition, because you’re able to easily use forklifts for short-term needs and special projects, you can avoid incurring some long-term costs and making unnecessary financial investments in equipment that really probably won’t see a whole ton of use. Ultimately, having a forklift sitting around in your facility that doesn’t get used is likely to be one of the most expensive assets you could potentially own—it’s really not worth it.
  • Deal with capacity issue: Forklift rentals are an ideal solution to capacity shortages in distribution centers or warehouses. Say, for example, you’ve experienced some major unexpected growth, or recently expanded your company, or merged with or acquired another company—you’re going to have some issues come up with capacity, at least temporarily, so having a rental forklift on hand can help you stay prepared for and capable of adapting to changes in business conditions.
  • Deal with seasonal spikes: Many types of businesses see big shifts in just how busy they are throughout the year, so the ability to rent forklifts (or additional forklifts) during your busy seasons can be extremely beneficial. Rather than purchasing a forklift that you’re not going to use for the entire year, you can just pay for the amount of time you actually need to use it, saving you a great deal of money.
  • They can be versatile: Forklifts don’t just add capacity and help you save money. They’re also very practical tools for solving a variety of issues that could arise within your workplace. They help you meet equipment needs that arise if your workplace experiences any changes. They can replace other forklifts or vehicles that were sent out for repairs or are no longer functional. They can provide you with additional capacity as needed, or fill capacity gaps that come up if your company is waiting for new equipment to be delivered.

These are just a few examples of some of the primary benefits of investing in forklift rentals in Lafayette, LA. To learn more about renting forklifts and why exactly you might choose to do so, we encourage you to contact George’s Lift Truck Service, LLC today with your questions. We’ll be happy to answer them and work with you to provide the equipment you need!

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