Tips for Safer Forklift Maintenance in Lafayette, LA

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Keeping up to date with your forklift maintenance is absolutely crucial to ensuring those machines run smoothly long into the future. You want to make sure you’re getting completely safe and reliable service for years to come.

So what can you do to make sure you’re safely maintaining your forklifts so they will continue to run properly? Here are some tips for safer forklift maintenance in Lafayette, LA:

  • Make daily checks a part of your routine: Inspect your forklift every single day before using it. Not only is this simply a sensible way to make sure you’re finding and eliminating potential problems before they occur, but it’s also required by OSHA. Performing these regular checks help you guarantee the forklift is safe to use before your shift. It will also help you save on the time and money you have to spend on repairing problems that could have otherwise been avoided. OSHA has a standardized checklist you can use for these daily checks, so follow those guidelines.
  • Listen to manufacturer recommendations: Your forklift manufacturer may suggest a maintenance schedule in the manual for the machinery, or on its website. Some standard inspections include oil changes every several months, or after a certain amount of usage, such as every 250 hours, 500 hours and 1,000 hours. You should complete all recommended maintenance tasks in a timely manner so you can save money on having to deal with unnecessary repairs in the future.
  • Don’t forget the tires: The tires wear out quickly on forklifts, especially if they frequently travel the exact same paths around a facility. Beyond just losing their tread, they can also deflate or start to leak. Make sure you check them as part of your everyday inspections. Replace the tires as needed so you don’t end up having any other maintenance issues arise as a result of tires that are in poor condition.
  • Make cleaning a priority: Cleaning your forklift should be a regular task, on a weekly or every-other-week basis. Cleanliness is good not just for the aesthetic value of the machinery, but also to help you avoid a buildup of combustible materials, which could be bad news depending on the setting where the forklift is being used. It can also help prevent mechanical components of the forklift from becoming clogged.
  • Work with a trusted maintenance team: One of the best ways to ensure your forklift will stay in good condition for many years to come is to have a forklift maintenance contract with a service company you can trust to get the job done well. Having a built-in maintenance schedule means you don’t have to remember to get your maintenance done, or have someone in-house assigned to the task—it’ll all be taken care of for you according to the schedule.

For more information about forklift maintenance in Lafayette, LA and the steps you need to take to make sure it’s done well, we encourage you to contact George’s Lift Truck Service, LLC today with any questions you have.

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