How to Prevent the Most Expensive Forklift Repairs in Lafayette, LA

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Forklifts are capable of withstanding a lot of wear and tear and will help you get a lot of tough jobs done at your site. However, it’s important to remember that they need to be cared for, and that they’re not going to last forever without proper maintenance. If you do end up having a significant breakdown or malfunction, it’ll probably be costly to repair, and it also probably would have been avoidable had you just kept up with routine maintenance in the first place.

Consider the kind of investment you’ve placed in getting a forklift for your business—you should do everything in your power to prevent yourself from having to pay a lot of money to make repairs that can easily be avoided.

Here are a few examples of some of the most preventable issues that result in people calling in for repairs and forklift parts in Lafayette, LA:

  • Lack of attention to aging machinery: The older your machines get, the more TLC they’re going to need to keep them in good condition. There’s a much higher chance of failure with older machines if you don’t keep up with your oil changes, battery maintenance and other general maintenance tasks. Therefore, make sure you have a maintenance schedule that you actually follow—this is especially important for older equipment.
  • Problems with electric vehicles: Many of today’s forklifts are powered by electricity, and like gas-powered forklifts, they still have plenty of issues that can affect them. One common problem that can arise is brake failure. The longer you go without replacing the brake pads in a vehicle, the more likely it is you’ll start having issues with the calipers, the rotors, the brake drum and other parts—all of which are significantly more expensive than just replacing the brake pads. Another common problem with electric forklifts is battery issues. You shouldn’t run your forklift battery to the point where it’s no longer capable of holding a charge, or past that point—routine battery maintenance and upgrades will keep your forklift in good operating condition at a lesser expense.
  • Radiator problems: Another common problem with forklifts is radiator breakdowns. Again, this generally comes about due to a lack of routine service plans. The longer you go without replacing fuel and air filters and without changing oil and giving the machine the tune-up it needs, the more likely it is you’ll end up having much more costly issues such as radiator breakdowns, which can result in thousands of dollars’ worth of repairs.
  • Unusual noises: Generally, when you start to hear unusual noises coming from your forklift, this is a pretty clear sign that it’s time to get it checked out by a repair technician. But some people choose to continue running the forklift until it stops working. These noises are clear warning signs—a failure to listen to them could result in catastrophic system failure.

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