Choosing Your Forklift Attachments in Lafayette, LA

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The right forklift attachments can really improve the way you use the equipment, including reducing your handling time, fuel consumption and general manpower, as well as your chances of damaging any items you’re lifting. There are many different types of forklift attachments, so it’s a good idea to know what you’re looking for before you approach your local forklift dealers in Lafayette, LA.

Here are just a few examples of some of the most common types of forklifts you’re likely to encounter while investigating your possibilities:

  • Push and pulls: Push/pulls are ideal for industries that do a lot of work with bagged products like seed and grain, as well as packaged dairy products, fruits and corrugated boxes filled with other types of products. Not only does this attachment help you to cut down on costs associated with shipping, but it can also reduce the amount of area you need to designate for storage and the maintenance costs you can expect to spend on your forklift.
  • Extensions: Forklift extensions are used to increase the length and/or the width of your forklift tynes, allowing you to be able to carry wider or longer loads on your equipment. Obviously, this produces some extra versatility you wouldn’t otherwise have with your standard forklift features.
  • Positioners: Fork positioners give forklift operators the ability to align their forks with pallets more accurately and much faster, which creates more efficient material handling in Lafayette, LA of different sizes of pallets and other odd-sized objects.
  • Side shifters: Most forklifts you’ll find on the market come standard with side shifters, which makes them among the most common types of attachments you’ll find anywhere. These shifters allow you to shift your forks to either side, which can help you make some more detailed adjustments without having to maneuver the entire forklift to do so. This eliminates a major nuisance associated with forklift operation.
  • Clamps: No matter what kind of materials you handle or what industry you’re in, you’ll find a whole lot of use for forklift clamps. There are several different types of clamps that can help you accomplish many types of jobs, including bale clamps, drum clamps, fork clamps, recycling clamps and multi-purpose clamps. A forklift attachment dealer can provide you with more information about the specific functions of each of these types of clamps and why you might find a certain type of clamp particularly beneficial at your facility.
  • Single-double loader: In any type of production or warehouse shipping industry that has a high volume of turnover, such as a bottling, brewing or soft drink/canning business, you’ll find a single-double loader to be of great benefit to your operations. This attachment enables you to transport pallets side by side, allowing you to get your loading work done much more quickly and improving the overall efficiency of your operations.

For more information about the various types of forklift attachments that exist and which ones are most likely to benefit you and your business, contact the forklift dealers in Lafayette, LA at George’s Lift Truck Service, LLC today.

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