When is it Time to Replace Forklift Tires in Lafayette, LA?

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Forklifts can be an incredibly useful piece of equipment in a commercial or industrial environment, but they require consistent maintenance to ensure they continue delivering the best performance and reliability.

One of the most important things to consider when it comes to maintaining your forklift is the condition of your forklift tires in Lafayette, LA. Read on to find out more about when you should be replacing your forklift tires.

Signs It’s Time for Replacement

Regardless of whether you own your forklift or you have a forklift rental in Lafayette, LA, it’s important to inspect your machine’s components on a regular basis to ensure they remain in the best condition possible.

Forklift tires that are worn, damaged or leaky can increase the risk of equipment malfunction and issues that negatively affect productivity and workplace safety. By keeping an eye out for a few of the most common signs you need tire replacement, you can handle necessary repairs proactively and keep your forklift performing effectively, reliably and efficiently.

  • Visible wear and tear: If you see signs your tires have been wearing down, including low tread, it’s a good idea to consider tire replacement. Check the manufacturer recommendations for your specific forklift model to find out about the minimum tread depth for tire replacement. It’ll vary across units, but the indicators will generally be the same.
  • Cracking: Forklift tires that are exposed to rough terrain and outdoor elements are likely to develop cracks in the rubber. Inspect your tires for cracks and gaps. If you see rubber cracking or splitting, you should replace your tires as soon as possible. Operating your forklift with cracked tires can create a load imbalance that prevents you from handling materials safely and effectively.
  • Pressure fluctuation: Forklift tires require regular maintenance to keep their pressure levels in check. As time goes by, forklift tires in Lafayette, LA will naturally lose some air and need to be refilled to maintain the right level of pressure for safe operation. However, if your forklift tires have to be filled with air frequently and they can’t maintain a constant level of pressure, it’s likely you’re dealing with an air leak. Leaky tires cannot support proper forklift operation, so it’s important to get your tires replaced if you have air leaks.

Don’t forget about other problematic symptoms as well, such as poor handling, traction and balance. These issues can be traced back to underlying tire problems.

Tires and Forklift Attachments in Lafayette, LA

At George’s Lift Truck Service, LLC, we know how important proper forklift maintenance is and we are proud to provide our customers with the best forklift services and forklift attachments in Lafayette, LA.

Since 1969, we have been proud to provide a wide range of forklift services and products that are designed to fit your specific business needs. Regardless of whether you need a temporary forklift rental or you’re looking for a new piece of equipment for your facility, you can find out more about everything we have to offer by giving our team a call today.

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