The Importance of Forklift Inspections in Lafayette, LA

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When using a forklift in any setting, whether it’s in a warehouse or on an outdoor job site, it’s important to prioritize safe use of the equipment. There are several steps you should take before you even begin to operate the vehicle, and those can be accomplished during the course of a pre-shift forklift inspection.

If you have gone through training in forklift safety in Lafayette, LA (and you should have if you are going to be using one), you’ll find that it is customary for safety inspections to be performed before every shift in which a forklift is to be used (or could potentially be used). This means that if there are multiple shifts each day, that means there must be pre-usage inspections before each one of those shifts. This helps to better ensure the safety of the operator and anyone else who will be working in the space with them. These inspections can help prevent accidents that could result in damage to products or goods, as well as injuries to workers.

There are two types of checks you must perform: the visual inspection and the operational pre-use inspection. Here’s a quick overview of each to ensure you’re keeping up with your forklift maintenance in Lafayette, LA.

Visual inspection

The visual check is the first step you should take, even before the operational pre-use check, and it shouldn’t take you too long to perform. You’re just performing the check to assess the general condition of the equipment before you start it up.

Get a quick visual rundown of each component of the machinery. Look for any noticeable damage in the tires, especially gouges or cuts. Make sure the tire pressure is at a good level. Check to see that all fluids are at the proper levels, including oil, fuel and water. Make sure the battery is fully charged, and check for any loose or exposed wires or cables. Make sure the forks look like they’re in good condition, and that there is a working seatbelt without any damage.

Operational pre-use inspection

This check begins as soon as you turn on the vehicle. Before you strap yourself in and get working, there are a few more checks you should make.

For example, make sure that the headlights and warning lights are functional, and that the horn is operating loudly and clearly. Check to make sure all hydraulic hoses are secure, and that the breaks sufficiently stop the lift smoothly and quickly. Check to see that the parking brake is able to hold up, and that all gauges and meters are working. You can then check all the hydraulic controls and the steering, and listen to the forklift as it runs to see if there are any unusual noises emanating from anywhere inside its mechanical systems.

If you do find any issues during either of these pre-shift checks, it’s important to report them and address them appropriately and quickly before you begin using the machine again. For more information about what you should watch for in your pre-shift forklift inspections in Lafayette, LA, contact George’s Lift Truck Service, LLC today.

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