How to Choose the Best Forklift for Your Needs

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Maybe your current forklift isn’t meeting your company’s needs. Maybe a technical problem has rendered your forklift unusable. Or maybe your existing equipment has reached the end of its life, and there is no other option but to replace it. Either way, the time has finally come for you to get a new forklift to keep your business moving forward.

With all that in mind, here are some essential things to take into account when you’re on the hunt for the perfect forklift purchase in Lafayette, LA.

How are your materials transported?

Some companies use their forklift to transport items that are already tightly packaged on pallets ready-made for transport. Others need to move around goods that are on their way to packaging and therefore prove more unstable on the way to their destination.

What kind of materials will you be using?

The height, weight and dimensions of the materials your forklift will be moving around are all of critical importance when searching for a new or used forklift purchase in Lafayette, LA.

How long does your forklift need to perform each day?

The length of time your forklift will need to transport materials on a daily basis is another key factor in choosing the right forklift.

What chores do you have in mind?

You know best what specific use you have in mind for your forklift. Loading objects onto trucks, stocking shelves or more articulate work like sorting materials—each of these uses could lead prospective buyers to drastically different forklifts.

How fast-paced is your base of operations?

Different forklifts operate best in different environments. Some are perfectly tuned for the sudden starts and stops of a forklift operating alongside workers walking around them. Others work best when operating in tandem with other forklifts.

What terrain will your forklift need to cover?

Some forklifts are made to work best on relatively smooth factory floors, while others are built to work on the rough terrain of a construction site. Still others can shift smoothly between operating environments.

What type of fuel will you use?

Forklifts come in three varieties. Electric forklifts produce no emissions and last longer. Gas-powered forklifts can lift heavier loads and move faster. Diesel forklifts are considered ideal for outdoor work.

What repair operations are nearby?

No matter how well-built or well-maintained your forklift may be, inevitably something will break down at some point. That’s why it’s important to research the most convenient competent mechanic or repair specialist in your area.

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