Things to Check Before Purchasing a Used Forklift

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Is your company having difficulty meeting its shipping and packing needs? You may need another forklift on the floor, picking up the slack. Smaller companies, however, might find that a used forklift is a more cost-effective option than buying a new machine. Before cost-conscious business owners begin their search for forklift dealers in Lafayette, LA, it helps to know what to look for in a used forklift.

With that in mind, here are some easy ways to evaluate a used forklift in Lafayette, LA.

Ask About the History

Before you invest your time into a close inspection, ask the seller about the forklift’s history. If the machine has operated in any areas where the forklift may have come into contact with corrosive materials or other substances that may have shortened the life expectancy of the machine, then you can mostly rule out that particular option right away.

Ask to See it In Person

If you’re satisfied with the forklift’s history, ask to see it in person. If you have the resources available, you might consider bringing a regular forklift operator to add their two cents to the inspection, as well.

Remember, no matter how many pictures you see of your prospective used forklift in Lafayette, LA, nothing tops a visual inspection.

Determine If the Forklift Can Meet Your Needs

While you’re checking things out, make sure to ask the right questions: What is the maximum weight capacity of the forklift, and what are your weight needs? Are there any height restrictions at your base of operations, and do they conflict with the dimensions of the forklift? Those are just a couple of the considerations to keep in mind.

Do the Math on Hours

A well-built forklift can remain useful for upwards of 20,000 hours if it’s well maintained. That’s why it’s crucial to have a concrete number of hours applied to the forklift you plan to examine. If you’re only planning to use your forklift sparingly, a machine with 10,000 hours under its belt may be just fine. If you’re planning on heavy use, you should think about how your used forklift’s current hour count factors into that workload on a day-to-day, week-to-week basis.

Don’t Be Shy About Asking for a Test Drive

Remember, you or your employees will have to reliably operate your used forklift for an untold number of hours. As a result, it might be helpful to get behind the wheel of your used forklift before you sign any papers. Just like buying a new car, you’ll want to be confident that the steering and maneuverability are up to your standards before you make a commitment.

You Can Trust George’s

The easiest way to purchase a used forklift in Lafayette, LA is to contact George’s Lift Truck Service, LLC, an area institution since 1969. Whether you’re renting or buying, our team of knowledgeable professionals can help you find the perfect machine for your business.

When your business needs the very best in used forklifts, visit our website or call us today. We can’t wait to hear from you.

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