Forklift Accessories That Increase Efficiency

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Forklift accessories in Lafayette, LA are a great way to increase your warehouse efficiency. After all, time is money, and streamlining your operations can increase your profits exponentially while also making sure your workers are happy. Forklifts already reduce the time and manpower needed to get a job done—but you might not be familiar with five of our favorite forklift accessories and related tools.

Check out these forklift accessories, and when you’re ready to increase forklift efficiency in your Lafayette, LA warehouse, give the team at George’s Lift Truck Service, LLC a call. We’re passionate about creating solutions for you!

  • Single-double pallet handler: This attachment comes with an expandable fork that can fit either single or double pallets. The forks can be spread or contracted depending on what kind of pallet is used. This is a great choice for high-turnover warehouses that use a variety of pallet sizes.
  • Semi-automatic stretch wrapper: Stretch wrappers wrap a pallet full of goods with plastic wrap to keep the goods bundled together. A semi-automatic stretch wrapper isn’t an accessory that goes on the forklift itself, but it certainly makes life easier for forklift operators by cutting down the number of steps an operator takes. Instead of having to shut the forklift down, get out and operate the stretch wrapper, it can be done without the forklift operator leaving the vehicle. This speeds up productivity and helps prevent accidents.
  • Boom: A boom will extend the reach of your forklift, and comes in both telescopic and non-telescopic models. They use a swinging motion to pick up and drop heavy items up to 8,000 pounds. Operators love them for their stability and how they can extend reach up to 12 feet.
  • Safety work platform: When you’re using heavy equipment to transport hazardous, heavy or dangerous equipment, having a safety platform helps reduce on-site work accidents. This platform keeps your workers from falling off no matter what height they’re working at, and also helps speed up loading and stacking jobs by being able to reach over obstructions.
  • Self-dumping hopper: Having a self-dumping hopper accessory shortens the amount of time it takes to get rid of those heavy loads you just picked up. It automates the dumping process, and is designed to withstand heavy use and abuse on construction sites. Many models come with self-balancing and other safety features that protect both your operator and the materials you’re transporting.

Need forklift accessories so that you can increase your forklift efficiency in Lafayette, LA? You can count on the knowledge and passion of the team at George’s Lift Truck Service, LLC. We have been the premier forklift dealers in Lafayette, LA since 1969, and we’re committed to helping all the business owners in our community find the perfect piece of machinery and accessories to suit their needs. We’re pleased to carry equipment from many of the industry’s most respected brands, including Komatsu. Visit or contact us today—we look forward to helping you find the right forklift and accessories for your needs!

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