How to Choose the Correct Forklift Mast

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Choosing the right forklift mast in Lafayette, LA is an important part of buying a forklift—the mast lifts, lowers and positions the load. There are four basic types of forklift masts: standard upright, duplex upright, triple stage upright and quad upright. The right kind of mast for you will depend on what kind of loads you’re moving and where. Ready to get to work? Be sure to contact the experts at George’s Lift Truck Service, LLC for assistance in purchasing the right mast for the job. With over 50 years serving Lafayette, LA, we can match you with superior quality equipment at the best possible prices.

The Four Types of Forklift Masts

  • Standard upright: These masts can also be called simplex or V masts. Standard uprights use two rails: one remains stationary while the inner rail moves. Two side-mounted lift cylinders directly lift the inner rails and provide indirect chain lift.
  • Duplex upright: Also referred to as full free lift (FFL), hi-lo or FV Mast, these masts have a two-stage assembly with full free lift. They use a primary, centered lift cylinder to get the job done. These are ideal when you need good visibility and when you’re moving loads in trailers.
  • Triple stage upright: These are the most versatile kind of forklift mast in Lafayette, LA. They are also known as triplex, TSU or FSV masts. These use three rails (two movable and one stationary) as well as primary and secondary lift cylinders. Triple stage upright masts are popular for general warehouse applications.
  • Quad upright: Quad or four stage uprights are made to stack objects very high—they’re designed to collapse smaller than triple stage uprights that offer comparable maximum fork height. They work the same way as triple stage, but with an additional set of chains and pulleys.

Other Considerations

  • Lift height: The lift or maximum fork height simply describes how tall your forklift is with the mast fully extended. When deciding how large your mast needs to be, add at least six inches more than your top stacking shelf. This affords your operators the ability to adjust loads at the maximum height.
  • Free lift: The free lift is how high a load can be lifted without extending the mast. If you’ll be using the forklift in a low-clearance area, like a trailer, you’ll want the ability to free lift.
  • Lowered/collapsed height: This measurement is the distance between the top of the mast when it’s collapsed all the way down to the floor. Check the collapsed height to ensure your forklift will be able to fit through doors.
  • Extended height: Finally, extended height is just what it sounds like: the height from the top of the mast when the mast is fully extended.

We can help you select the right forklift mast and other forklift parts in Lafayette, LA. The team at George’s Lift Truck Service, LLC has been the premier forklift dealers in Lafayette since 1969. We’re committed to helping all the business owners in our community find the perfect piece of machinery and accessories to suit their needs. Let us help find the right forklift mast and parts for you!

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