How to Meet OSHA Forklift Inspection Requirements

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Forklift inspections in Lafayette, LA are a regular aspect of operations that involve this specialized machinery. If a business owner or forklift operator fails OSHA inspections in Lafayette, LA, this can result in serious consequences.

These consequences can include severe fines, equipment shutdown or operational shutdown, depending on the severity of the violations and penalties. To avoid penalties, use the following tips for passing forklift inspections.


Before you use your forklift, complete a visual inspection. This should happen each day, or before each shift, if the equipment is used 24/7. To start this inspection, keep the engine off. Begin by checking the fluid levels, including hydraulic fluid and oil. Look for any leaks or cracks. Then, check the chain for proper tension.

The next step is to check the tire pressure. If the pressure is good and there is no damage, move on to the forks. Check their condition, including the finger guards, extension and top clip retaining pin and heel.

Lastly, carefully review the operator compartment. Look for debris and anything that is out of place or in disrepair. Ensure all safety devices are fully operational.

If you notice any defective parts during any part of your inspection, do not proceed with operation of the equipment. Forklifts that fail forklift inspections in Lafayette, LA should not be used until they have undergone necessary repairs. Clearly mark the equipment and let workers know that the machine has been taken out of service for now.


If the forklift passes the visual inspection, move on to the operational inspection. Turn on the engine, then check for any leaks. Then, test the brakes and steering. If the steering or brakes are hard to operate, have the machine serviced before using it.

Your operational inspection should also include tests of the tilt control and drive control, as well as the hoist and lowering options. Lastly, check the lights, back-up alarm and horn. These may seem like minor components, but they are crucial to the safe operation of the forklift, and their failure can result in a failed OSHA inspection in Lafayette, LA.


Record the results of your daily inspections. Use a checklist to ensure each inspection is thorough and is well documented. This will help ensure the inspections are completed appropriately, and it will provide documentation that you took appropriate preventative measures in the event that an incident occurs. This can help you avoid OSHA fines or lawsuit payouts.


Another important aspect of forklift operation is proper training. Forklift drivers should be properly trained in the operation, inspection and maintenance of forklifts. This will prevent incidents, improve working conditions and help extend the life of your machinery.

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