What’s the Difference Between Man Lifts and Scissor Lifts?

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Both the scissor lift and the man lift in Lafayette, LA are common sights in warehouses and large retail stores. While they have the same function, they do work somewhat differently, and one structure may be more appropriate in some environments than others. Here are five differences to help you decide which piece of equipment will work better for your establishment:

  • Design: A man lift is a power-driven belt that moves a crane arm with a basket in a vertical direction. It is common in large retail outlets like Home Depot and Costco, as it helps move employees to the highest shelves. Scissor lifts make a folding motion with a series of metal braces in a crisscross formation that moves similarly to a pair of scissors. The folding and unfolding moves the machine’s platform up and down. It offers a little more stability and comes in models that are electric or gas powered.
  • Platform: Man lifts are equipped with a small bucket that can only hold one worker. They are a good option if employees do not need to ascend in pairs, and they take up a little less floor room than scissor lifts. Scissor lifts are spacious and intended to lift multiple employees. If you often have larger jobs where more than one person needs to ride a lift, the scissor lift is going to be the best option. However, because it has a larger platform, it will take up more floor space when it is being operated.
  • Cost: Scissor lifts are simple and often the most cost-effective lift option on the market. If you are bidding government projects or anything else with strict cost limits, you likely want the scissor lift. Man lifts are more expensive and require extensive certification to operate. However, they are also more technologically advanced, and their extra options are often considered worth their cost.
  • Training: There is a reason why scissor lifts are readily available from most equipment rental companies. They are easy to operate and do not require any special licenses, unless your industry has specific requirements. The operation of man lifts has extensive certification requirements, and operating one without certification places people in danger and risks workplace safety violations.
  • Safety: The good news is that both types of equipment are safe when used skillfully and with the proper precautions. Some workers find the man lift more difficult to adjust to, but with practice, it becomes second nature. However, no matter the size of the platform and your comfort level with the equipment, it’s essential to use safety equipment and wear your harness on every lift, every time. It is not worth the risk of injury even if you’ve never experienced an accident with either type of lift.

Whether you need a man lift or a scissor lift in Lafayette, LA, George’s Lift Truck Service, LLC offers a wide range of equipment for rent or sale. Call us today to see if we have the equipment that will help you with your project.

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